I am a math/physics/computer nerd and my main drive is curiosity. My academic background is in finance and physics and I’ve worked professionally as an economics analyst, a data scientist, and a software engineer. I get a lot of enjoyment from figuring out solutions to interesting problems, especially when they involve computations. Computers have always been a hobby of mine and I like all aspects from hardware to software.

Physics and mathematics are among my greatest passions, especially the field of computational physics, hence my blog series on simulating magnetism. Mathematics is a beautiful language and the tool we use to model the world around us. Unfortunately, most real world problems are too complex to model exactly which is where statistics coupled with computers comes in handy. With access to powerful computers and large amounts of data we can leverage machine learning models to find hidden patterns within the data and extract information that we as humans might not be able to ourselves. One of my favorite data science projects I have worked on was applying machine learning to astronomical data for the purpose of classifying asteroids.

I am a big fan of self-learning and the technology of today enables us to make the most of that. Computers and the internet bring endless information to our fingertips, and tons of great people and organizations publish resources online for all to access freely. I really like MIT’s Open Course Ware; I have been through a number of their courses and learned an invaluable amount. Being able to watch some of the worlds best professors lecture from the comfort of our homes is truly amazing!

Besides all of the nerdy stuff, in my free time I enjoy reading, cooking, traveling, and exploring nature. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to go to a supermarket to see what the locals eat :).